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Join our many clients who have come to rely on the breadth and quality of our research to help them understand market trends, hear investment opinions and generate alpha. Our rich combination of fundamental, quantitative and technical analysis lets you see the market from different angles to identify important developments at the macro, sector, company and asset-class level to drive timely and profitable investment ideas.

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Our Economics Group identifies trends, opportunities and risks that can affect the Canadian and global economies — and your business. The team is recognized as a key definer of critical market developments and their implications for stock values, currencies and interest rates, and has a long and well-earned reputation for being ahead of the curve.

You can access daily and weekly market summaries and forecasts, and monthly and quarterly in-depth analytic publications. In addition, you can hear the views of our analysts at conferences and through phone calls and one-on-one meetings.

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Institutional Equity Research

Our Institutional Equity Research team is committed to helping you identify investment opportunities across the market capitalization spectrum. We cover over 335 Canadian companies that represent all key sectors of the economy, plus select international companies, and base our analysis on intensive "bottom up" assessments of every industry and company we track. We provide broad and deep assessments across key verticals covering major portions of the TSX sector market cap.

Benefit from our ability to help identify emerging industries and companies early on. Our team has consistently been recognized as a top research source for its breadth of coverage, industry knowledge and quality of work.1 Insightful reports, complemented by corporate and analyst meetings, help keep you on top of stock market activity and the outlook for different industries and companies.

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Macro Strategy (Capital Markets & Investment Strategy)

Our macro strategists provide topical research focused on fundamentals, valuation and trade ideas across foreign exchange, interest rates, commodities and sovereign and corporate credit. A range of daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly reports helps keep you informed on:

  • FX: Underlying themes, issues and trends affecting Asian, Latin American and G10 currencies
  • Rates: Fundamental, technical and quantitative analysis on both domestic and global rates in support of various executable trade ideas
  • Commodities: Market views, price forecasts and analysis of global supply/demand fundamentals for the energy sector
  • LATAM: Factors impacting the sovereign credit and currencies of selected Latin American and Caribbean countries
  • Government Credit: Factors impacting the economic, fiscal and financial performance of Canada at federal, provincial and municipal levels
  • Corporate Credit: Fundamentals, supply and demand dynamics and valuation of Canadian, U.S. and Latin American credits in the context of global credit markets

Clients also benefit from conference calls and one-on-one meetings where we discuss our analysis and the implications for your business.

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Portfolio Strategy

Our Portfolio Strategy team focusses on generating actionable money-making investment opportunities that arise from understanding, appreciating and anticipating themes that cut across multiple sectors and markets. Working with individual equity analysts, the team marries bottom-up research with top-down perspectives on the broader market to unearth investment recommendations that can be implemented over a reasonable time frame. Alignment with Technical and Quantitative research is used to reinforce (or challenge) these investment recommendations.

Over the past two years, our Portfolio Strategy team has authored reports on, among other topics, Brexit, trade, U.S. elections, movements in gold prices, sector reallocations, climate risk, and tax changes (north and south of the border), as well as sector-specific work.

In addition to this thematic product, the Portfolio Strategy group maintains a Recommended List (with consistent outperformance), sector weighting recommendations and targets for equity markets. This work dovetails into the recommendations of each of the sector analysts.

Technical Analysis

Apply a different approach to market assessments to help capture alpha with our proprietary methodology for technical analysis that identifies trending indicators that can help predict price movements. Looking at stocks, currencies, commodities, sectors and indices, the central pieces of our work include:

  • The TrendSpotting Matrix: Based on the assumption that prices move in trends and trends tend to persist, this capability evaluates 12 key technical factors to create a picture of market action and identify if there is a trending environment underway.
  • Breadth Decomposition Analysis: This work scores all 10 Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS) sectors in the TSX and S&P 500 indices to identify sectors that demonstrate collective upside or downside behavior, highlighting thematic characteristics that may be evolving in different sectors.
  • A Closer Look: This provides a deep dive into technical internals of the broader indices for a top-down analysis. It explores metrics that are associated with market peaks and troughs — sentiment, volume, volatility, asset correlation and metric deviation from norm.

We also look at ratio analysis, pair trading and more to go beyond simpler technical methodologies to help identify possible buying and selling situations.

Reports for the TrendSpotting Matrix, Breadth Decomposition Analysis and A Closer Look are published every two weeks. These are complemented by conference calls and one-on-one meetings with our technical experts who explain their various perspectives on the market and how the data supports their viewpoints.​