Investing & Risk Management

Seize Opportunities

From creative, multi-asset class ideas for generating alpha to effective execution and after-market services, we can help you devise and implement your investing and hedging strategies to maximize performance.

Our Sales team works to identify market trends early on and helps you capitalize on opportunities. They draw on multiple sources of market intelligence including proprietary research that has consistently been recognized for its breadth of coverage and actionable ideas. With the continued growth in quantitative and algorithmic investing strategies, we have also developed quantitative and technical research products to complement our fundamental approach.

Quality Support

Orders are closely and confidentially managed by professionals on our trading desks that ensure transactions are handled efficiently — from start to finish. This includes our:​

  • Foreign Exchange team that oversees the quality of your fills
  • Credit Trading desk that makes markets in Canadian dollar debt of domestic corporations
  • Equities team that helps you mix and match traditional agency and electronic trading to meet your requirements
  • Individuals who work closely with you to implement risk management strategies using currencies, interest rates and commodities

They are all dedicated to top-quality client service.

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