Hyak Energy, ULC (“Hyak”) has engaged CIBC Capital Markets (“CIBC”) as its financial advisor to solicit and evaluate proposals for the sale of their cEOR assets in Battrum area of Saskatchewan.


  • 100% working interest and operatorship of three Roseray Units with additional non-unit production in SW Saskatchewan
  • June 2018 production of ~813 bbl/d (100% oil)
  • Two of the three Units are currently on polymer flood, following successful phases of alkali-surfactant polymer injection; production has doubled since 2012
    • Opportunity to expand polymer flood into Unit 1 with detailed core flood and reservoir modelling completed
  • Owned and operated infrastructure with pipeline and rail connectivity and excess capacity
    • 100% owned and operated oil batteries with total capacity of over 23,000 bbl/d of fluid and connected to SSPL pipeline
    • New polymer mixing and injection facility with injection capacity of over 28,000 bbl/d of fluid and rail connected
  • Full field lab on-site with highly trained and skilled operations staff
  • No land expiry issues and very favourable EOR royalty regime in Saskatchewan


Once a CA has been executed, confidential information will be made available to qualified parties via a Virtual Data Room (“VDR”). Process timeline will be communicated to the counterparties upon execution of a CA. Interested parties are not to contact Hyak directly. All communications, inquiries and requests for information relating to the offering process should be directed to one of the contacts listed below.

Key Contacts:

John Peltier
Executive Director
Energy Investment Banking
Tel: (403) 260-8646

Ashley Engbloom*
Energy Investment Banking
Tel: (403) 260-8630

Doug Ashton
Chief Engineer
Energy Investment Banking
Tel: (403) 260-8654

David Smith
Chief Geologist
Energy Investment Banking
Tel: (403) 260-0505

* CA Contact