Growth Markets

Support Activities in Emerging Markets

Growth markets have become an increasingly important area of focus for our Canadian and global clients. We continue to expand our coverage as our clients target new regions and need access to foreign exchange, fixed income products, equities and other financial instruments to support their expansion initiatives.

In the foreign exchange markets, we trade cash, non-deliverables and options in many currencies, and execute physical delivery in the Americas, Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa. We have very strong capabilities in South America and the Caribbean that include dollar-denominated sovereign and corporate bonds. In addition, we trade Asian, Mexican and Chilean interest rate swaps and continue to add capabilities in this area.

For equities, we constantly broaden our offering to meet evolving client needs by providing quality execution access to growth markets worldwide. Our tools, execution intelligence, settlement infrastructure, strong relationships and partnership approach help you effectively develop and deploy your strategies.

With Canada being designated the first trading hub in the Americas, we are also proud to meet the diverse needs of our clients with specific Renminbi (RMB) products and services. This includes accounts, international settlement and trade finance services, and a variety of capabilities across foreign exchange.

Deep Insights

Our economists, analysts and strategists track macroeconomic developments and information on currency flows, cross-market correlations, central bank activity, global investment trends and more to help you assess implications for international markets.