Foreign Exchange

Connect to Currencies

We can meet your diverse currency needs with end-to-end capabilities from thorough advisory to innovative structuring, efficient execution and seamless settlement. We offer spot, forwards, non-deliverable forwards, swaps, vanilla options, barrier options and structured products with 24-hour coverage. Our experienced sales professionals work with you to provide timely market insight, structured solutions and responsive post-trade assistance.

Insightful Research

Our Research team stays on top of factors that impact foreign exchange markets to help support your decision making. This includes monitoring macroeconomic indicators and providing technical analysis and information on currency flows, cross-market correlations, central bank activity, global investment trends and more.

Liquidity and Structured Solutions

We offer 24-hour liquidity in G30 and select emerging market currencies, and are a major liquidity provider to the Canadian dollar market with the ability to execute large currency transactions with minimal market disruption. We can also help you leverage market opportunities with support for market and risk analysis, trade ideas, hedging strategies, correlation products, hedge accounting and tax and governance issues.

Coverage for Emerging Markets

Growth markets have become an increasing area of focus for our Canadian and global clients. We offer capabilities in foreign exchange spot, forwards, non-deliverable forwards and options in a wide range of growth market currencies – including Renminbi (RMB), with Canada being designated the first trading hub in the Americas.

Electronic Execution for Foreign Exchange

Whether you are a business, institutional or large corporate client, we can meet your needs for foreign exchange services through a variety of convenient electronic solutions.

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