Fixed Income

Support Your Fixed Income Objectives

We can help meet your fixed income trading and hedging needs with a robust product offering, timely market information and tangible ideas. We execute secondary trading in a range of fixed income products, including:

  • Government of Canada, Provincials, Municipals and Strip bonds
  • C$ and US$ high yield bonds
  • C$ investment grade corporates and Maples
  • C$ ABS/NHA MBS/CMBS/Covered bonds
  • US$ global, Yankees, supra and sovereign bonds
  • US$ and EUR, LatAM and Caribbean bonds
  • GBP investment grade corporates
  • CAD, AUD, NZD, NOK, SEK Eurobonds

Money Market

A broad spectrum of clients across Canada and the U.S. look to us to originate, trade and distribute short-term debt instruments, including:

  • Government of Canada treasury bills
  • Federally-guaranteed agency debt
  • Provincial debt securities
  • Bankers acceptances
  • Commercial paper
  • Fixed-time deposits
  • Medium-term and floating rate notes (<3 years)
  • Repo rate agreements
  • US$ certificates of deposit


We operate an integrated funding operation offering funding and enhanced portfolio profitability in repurchases and reverse repurchases for government, provincial and CHT securities to a broad range of domestic and international clients. Our emphasis is on the creation and support of new products to meet client needs due to changing market conditions, and we provide direct coverage by repo traders for real-time market information.

Interest Rate Derivatives

You can access full-service capabilities in over-the-counter interest rate products including swaps, options and structured products, such as:

  • Single-currency swaps
  • Cross-currency swaps
  • Forward-starting swaps
  • Accreting/amortizing swaps
  • Quanto swaps
  • CHT hedging solutions

  • Caps, floors and collars
  • European, Bermudan
  • Swaptions
  • Quanto
  • Barrier (single, double)

Structured Products
  • Fade-in swaps
  • Switch swaps
  • Carry swaps
  • Extendible swaps
  • Expandable swaps
  • Range Bonus Accumulator
  • Extendible fade-in swaps