Electronic Trading @ CIBC

Where can you leverage robust trading tools? @ CIBC.

We are committed to providing you with the latest capabilities to readily access fixed income and money market instruments and foreign exchange. We also provide opportunities to tap our liquidity via recognized multi-dealer platforms. @ CIBC, you get breadth of access and depth of liquidity where and when you need it.

Fixed Income

Use our online fixed income solution to easily trade Government of Canada, provincial, municipal, crown and corporate bonds. Simply select the offering you would like to trade along with the account and par value, subm​it your order and view the status and ticket number. Advanced functionality enables you to search offerings and securities, allocate orders among accounts, maintain custom portfolios and customize the presentation of data on your screen. Achieve your fixed income objectives with Fixed Income Online @ CIBC.

Login to Fixed Income Online @ CIBC here: e.cibccm.com

Money Market

Use Money Market Online @ CIBC for CIBC bankers acceptances and Canadian pay securities, including Bank of Canada T-bills and bankers acceptances. You can also tap into our liquidity via a multi-dealer platform for trading Canada bonds, municipals and crowns. There’s more for your money market strategy and execution @ CIBC.

Login to Money Market Online @ CIBC here: e.cibccm.com​​​

Foreign Exchange

Business Clients

FX Online @ CIBC is tailored for clients with CIBC business bank accounts enabling users to order foreign currency wires and drafts, and transfer funds between cross-currency accounts, all in one transaction from their desktop. The online payments platform can be used to trade a range of currency products ― from spot and swaps to open and fixed-dated forward contracts ― and conveniently confirm and settle trades booked electronically or over the telephone. Templates are available for recurring payments or settlement instructions. Other functions include the ability to:

  • Split payments across different settlement types
  • Receive email alerts for outstanding trades and settlement instructions
  • View trade history and generate customized transaction reports
  • Separate trading and ​settlement functions, set customized settlement limits or restricted payment methods and separate/delegate duties as required

Learn more about FX Online @ CIBC or login here: e.cibccm.com

Institutional and Large Corporate Clients

We meet the needs of our institutional, large corporate and multi-national clients for foreign exchange services through a variety of electronic solutions.

Power Play @ CIBC delivers state-of-the-art electronic trading technology with optimal access to global liquidity through our low-latency infrastructure. Users have access to a variety of capabilities through one local connection including depth of book, advanced order management, algorithmic execution and FIX API connectivity. We also have a presence on globally recognized multi-dealer platforms for clients wanting to trade on these venues.​​​​ Feel the strength of Power Play @ CIBC behind your FX strategy.


CIBC is an executing broker in all Canadian marketplaces, and we provide an advanced direct electronic access platform. In addition, our central order routing engine, CORE @ CIBC, automatically sources liquidity for inter-listed securities in both Canadian and U.S. markets providing greater access to all available liquidity and price improvement opportunities.

As a technology leader, we are a destination choice from every major EMS/OMS platform, enabling you to simply select CIBC from your existing trading terminals.​

For more information, contact our electronic execution specialists here.​