Correspondent Brokerage

Outsource Your Back-Office to a Proven Counterparty

Facing tremendous pressure to streamline costs, reduce risks and find new ways of doing business, sophisticated IIROC member brokerage firms are turning to our Correspondent Brokerage team to help improve their margins.

We understand that your choice of a carrying broker is a critical decision since your back-office platform and much of your banking and financing activities will be outsourced to your partner. Our deep and robust set of capabilities and strong customer focus set us apart. In addition, since we currently execute and/or clear 25-30% of the Canadian market, our clients know we have the capacity, flexibility and pricing advantage to compete and win. With our excellent client service model and desire for strong and long-lasting relationships, we are the partner of choice for firms working in the more sophisticated areas of capital markets.

A Full Range of Services

As a carrying broker, we provide clearing and settlement of trades, custody of firm and client funds and securities, maintenance of books and records and financing of trade settlements as well as firm and client positions. We also provide access to our full set of capabilities including debt and equity financing, trade execution, foreign exchange services, securities lending, corporate lending and more.