Handle Uncertainty in Commodity Markets

We work with you to address your risk management priorities and introduce strategies and products to effectively handle commodity exposures. Our diverse base of clients includes exploration and production companies, utilities (regulated and non-regulated), refineries, airlines, industrial manufacturing companies, asset managers, investment funds, marketers, mining companies, investors and government entities.

Strong Expertise in Metals and Energy Risk Management Derivatives

Our commodity specialists are drawn from a wide variety of backgrounds, including major industrial firms, trading companies and investment banks. Based in New York, with representatives in Toronto, Calgary, London and Hong Kong, we are a highly-experienced commodity derivatives team. We work closely with professionals from across our firm to deliver a well-rounded set of capabilities to help you deal with the uncertainty and volatility in commodity markets:

  • Energy: Crude Oil, Petroleum Products, Natural Gas
  • Commodity Index Products: Beta, Enhanced Beta, Alpha, Custom
  • Precious metals (Financial and Physical): Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium
  • Agricultural products: Grains and Softs
  • Base metals: LME Copper, Primary Aluminum, Zinc, Nickel, Lead and Tin, COMEX High Grade Copper

CIBC Capital Markets was Canada’s first Commodity Index provider.

    Commodity Derivatives

    Access a full range of price risk management solutions for underlyings in multiple asset classes:

    • Fixed for floating swaps
    • Floating for fixed swaps
    • Basis swaps
    • Spreads
    • Forwards

    • Caps, floors and collars
    • European, American, Asian
    • Digital
    • Swaptions
    • Quanto
    • Barrier (single, double)
    • Contingent
    • Compound
    • Ladder
    • Chooser
    • Basket

    Structured Products
    • Commodity-linked financing
    • Inventory monetization
    • Contract monetization
    • Volumetric production payments
    • Fade-in swaps