Co-Location @ CIBC

Where can you get efficient, low-latency market access? @ CIBC.

Leverage opportunities to maximize trading strategies through Co-location @ CIBC – our low-latency access to the Canadian equity and derivative marketplaces. We work with the TMX Group in Markham, the premiere Canadian exchange co-location facility and the only facility in Canada designed, built and operated exclusively for capital markets.

You can optimize high-frequency and algorithmic trading strategies via low-latency access to the Toronto Stock Exchange, TSX Venture Exchange, TMX Select and Montreal Exchange. This provides direct access to 60% of Canadian equity liquidity and 100% of Canadian exchange-traded derivative liquidity.

TMX’s co-location cabinets are pre-wired to receive low latency data feeds directly from the TMX trading engines. We maintain an inventory of available racks which, in most cases, you can lease directly from us.

Additional Co-Location for Foreign Exchange

We have also co-located our foreign exchange infrastructure at EquinixTM in New Jersey and London. This enables us to interconnect locally to many inter-bank and multi-dealer trading venues, and leverage connectivity for fast price discovery and efficient execution.

Experience the speed and advantages of Co-location @ CIBC.

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