Algos @ CIBC

Where can you access high-performing equity execution tools? @ CIBC.

Take your trading strategies to a new level with Algos @ CIBC. Use our powerful set of algorithms for Canadian and U.S. execution, built to help you better navigate an increasingly complex marketplace. We provide a range of advanced algorithmic strategies offering high-quality and risk-controlled execution, and reduced market impact.

Our algorithms include schedule-based, opportunistic and high-touch strategies all powered by PragmaTM. Integrated risk checks and control actions include order consistency checks, maximum order size and notional value checks, average daily volume and price variation checks. In addition, our proprietary anti-gaming logic prevents crossing at an adverse price and you will have full transparency with detailed post-trade reporting. You will also benefit from real-time foreign exchange management, the ability to settle in Canadian or U.S. dollars and support from a highly-experienced team of professionals.

For more information about Algos @ CIBC, contact our electronic execution specialists here.​​​